Nemco 69811 Clean Getaway Hands-Free Door Opener, Forearm Unit, 1

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Minimize the chance of spreading germs from potentially contaminated door handles.

A Super-Simple Solution to Improve Workplace Hygiene

  • Provides a user-friendly means of pulling doors open without having to touch handles or other door surfaces. 
  • Available in two models—one for foot use at the base of the door and one for forearm use at normal mid-door height. 
  • Angle designed for safety—effective for pulling, but allows for a quick-slip release to prevent injury. 

Engineered for Commercial Use

  • Stainless-steel construction for lasting strength and appearance, even in high-traffic applications.
  • Versatile – can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Easy to install; hardware included.
  • Door stickers included.
Door Openers
Hands Free
Stainess Steel