NEMCO 69798 Easy Shield, Hanging, 36" x 1/4" x 24", Chain & Hardw

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Hanging Easy Shield™ , 36" x 1/4" x 24", Chain & Hardware

A quick and easy solution to improve health and safety during customer interactions.

Adds a Health Component to Personal Customer Service

  • Provides a clear, sanitary-positive barrier at point-of-sale to improve health and safety, while preserving friendly, face-to-face customer interaction.
  • Simple design, as a countertop stand or hanging-ceiling version, makes assembly and installation extremely easy. Plus, both are height-adjustable.
  • Highly stable, yet lightweight for convenient mobility from one counterspace to another, if needed.

Designed for Commercial Use

  • Manufactured of tough, durable, thick polycarbonate.
  • Easy to clean (with wipes approved for polycarbonate).
  • Scratch-resistant to preserve a clear, customer-friendly appearance.
Safety Barriers